By the numbers

On this page, we offer documentation for the “By the numbers” box on each page of the website.

Promise Zone funding:  $13,864,450.69

since Sept. 15, 2015

$50,000, Center for a Better South, August 2016, for technical assistance to develop an economic development training program through funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.  More.

$1,500,000, Eckerd, July 2016, for three-year workforce training program from the U.S. Department of Labor for Eckerd’s Paxen project to help young adults in Allendale, Bamberg and Barnwell counties.  More.

$264,144, University of South Carolina School of Nursing, July 2016, to increase the number of rural primary care nurse practitioners in rural areas through the Advanced Education Nursing Traineeship program.  More.

$158,214, Palmetto Care Collections of Bamberg, July 2016, from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utility Service to purchase teleehealth equipment to improve access to quality health care. More.

$156,411, S.C. Regional Housing Authority #3, March 2016, to help agencies to hire or retain service coordinators to help residents achieve economic and housing independence.  More.

$89,729, Center for Community and Economic Development United Inc., March 2016, to help nutrition programs meet the needs of families in the Promise Zone.  More.

$2,040,000, City of Walterboro, 1/5/16, for upgrades to  its wastewater treatment plant through a grant from the U.S. Economic Development Administration.  The upgrade is expected to help the community attract 129 jobs and $10.5 million in private investment. More.

$1,ooo,ooo, Barnwell County, 12/22/15, in a state Rural Infrastructure Fund grant from the Coordinating Council for Economic Development to help with real property improvements related to an expansion by Kronotex.

$100,000, Corporation for Community and Economic Development, 10/20/15, for fair training housing and assistance.  More.

$66,952.69, Town of Allendale, 10/2/15, for Open Air Allendale marketing of farmers market. More.

$95,000, Corporation for Community and Economic Development, 10/2/15, for crop insurance education and training.  More.

$8,344,000, Lowcountry Regional Water System, 9/15/15, for water and sewer improvements.  More.

Capital investment: $523,450,000

since Oct. 1, 2015


$100,000,000, Dominion, 3/20/17, for building owning and operating two soalr generating facilities in Jasper County to generate 81.4 megawatts of power.    More.

$7,000,000, R+L Carriers, 12/14/16, for investing to build new distribution facility in Yemassee, which will create 25 new jobs.  More.

$3,000,000, Carolina Metal Castings, 7/25/16, for investing to expand metal casting operations in Jasper County, which will create 13 new jobs in five years.  More.

$2,500,000, J&L Wire, Inc., 5/5/16, for opening a 31,000 facility to produce galvanized wire decking and shelving in Walterboro.  It should create 50 new jobs.  More info.

$2,500,000, GTI, 2/12/16, for an expansion of operations in Barnwell County, which should create 12 jobs.

$1,150,000, BUSCOT LLC, 2/3/16, for establishment of manufacturing operations in Colleton County of specialty bearings, which is expected to create 10 new jobs over five years.

$85,000,000, National Renewable Energy Corp., 1/27/16, for investment in solar operations in Allendale County.  More.

$3,600,000,  Black Water Barrels, 1/6/16, for investment in a new cooperage facility in Bamberg.  More.

$230,ooo,ooo, Swiss Krono Group, 12/22/15, for construction of a high-density fiberboard mill and expansion of laminate flooring production at its Barnwell facility. More.

$8,000,000, Cypress Creek Renewables, 12/21/15, for a solar projects in Allendale County. More.

$500,000, Precision Metal Fabricators, 11/3/15, for expanding its Barnwell County operations by relocating in a larger facility, which will help create 19 new jobs.

$66,800,000, Cypress Creek Renewables, 10/23/15, for six solar projects in Hampton County. More.

$2,500,000, AS/R systems, Jasper County, 10/23/15, for move to Ridgeland for carousel operations facility.  More.

$4,900,000, Nupi Americas, Incl, Hampton County, for warehousing and distribution operations.  More.

Jobs created:  374

since Oct. 1, 2015

35 jobs, Thunderbolt Biomass, Inc., Allendale, 3/29/17

25 jobs, R+L Carriers, Yemassee, S.C., 12/14/16.

13 jobs, Carolina Metal Castings, Jasper County, 7/25/16

50 jobs, Masonite International, Denmark, S.C., 6/9/16

50 jobs, J&L Wire, 5/5/16

12 jobs, GTI, 2/12/16

10 jobs, BUSCOT LLC, 2/3/1, over five years.

57 jobs, Black Water Barrels investment, 1/6/16

105 jobs, Kronotex expansion, 12/22/15

19 jobs, Precision Metal Fabricators expansion, 11/3/15

11 jobs, AS/R systems, 10/23/15

37 jobs, Nupi Americas, Inc., 10/22/15

USDA funding

USDA Rural Development has invested $113,116,539, in the counties of the S.C. Promise Zone from 2015 through August 2016, according to the agency.  Read more.

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