Other resources

On this page, we offer different educational resources that might be helpful as your organization engages in the federal grants process for seeking money to make transformational change in the S.C. Promise Zone.

Online tool kit for rural areas.  The National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) Research Foundation has launched a new online resource of tools to help rural regions and small towns, drawing on their four-year capacity-building role with the Sustainable Communities Learning Network. Access the resources here.

Investing in strong rural communities.  Suzanne Anarde, Vice-President of the Rural Local Initiatives Support Corporation, writes in the ABA Banking Journal about the right mix of resources, critical partnerships and creative thinking that can spur economic revival in financially battered rural areas.  Read more. 

Rural hunger guide. Rural Assistance Center (RAC) has developed a guide titled “Rural Hunger and Access to Healthy Food”. A nutritious diet is important for maintaining good health, but accessing fresh and affordable food can be a challenge for some rural residents. This RAC topic guide provides information on how to address food security issues in every rural community, including funding and assistance programs, model programs, strategies, and more. Access the guide here.

Running a Food Hub:  A Business Operations Guide, Volume 2:  U.S. Department of Agriculture, July 2015.  This “how to” report provides in depth guidance on starting and running a food hub enterprise, including choosing an organizational structure, finding the right location, deciding on infrastructure and equipment, logistics and transportation, human resources, and risks. Download for free.

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